The 10 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

Get ready to grab your go-to movie-time snack and brace yourself for some spine-chilling moments. Which movies hold an eternal grip on the top spots of your favorites?

Rotten Tomatoes unveiled a compilation of the ten most hair-raising films. They invited users to participate in a poll, determining which film has the power to make you jump out of your seat, and which ones will leave you glancing over your shoulder after you turn off the lights.

To curate this list, Rotten Tomatoes also incorporated insights from an external ‘scare’ factor analysis, courtesy of a study conducted by a British broadband service. You can access their comprehensive study by clicking on this link.

Now, without any more delay, let’s delve into the ultimate reveal of the movie that the public has crowned as the most terrifying of all time. Read More

Casey Neistat Do What You Can’t Motivational Video

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat teamed up with filmmaker and YouTube personality Max Joseph to deliver a simple call to action for creatives: Do what you can’t. This video is pure inspiration!

“To fellow creators I say keep creating, keep doing the work and never forget you don’t have to listen to anyone because in this new world. No one knows anything and all the haters, the doubters are all drinking champagne on the top deck of the Titanic and we are the
fucking icebergs.”

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